Teilong Fan

Third son of the Teilong family, given the name meaning "mortal." Strives to prove his name incorrect.


Teilong Fan

In the Shadow of my Name
Gift for Battle
Tempered Body, Untempered Mind
The Mortal Iron Dragon
“I Will Transcend My Birth.”

Great (4): Fight
Good (
3): Athletics, Chi
Fair (2): Provoke, Will, Resources
Average (
1): Deceive, Rapport, Notice, Physique

Physical: 4
Mental: 3

Jianghu Rank: 1

Kung Fu Styles: Iron Dragon

Dragon Rules the Field: When you succeed with style on an attack, gain a boost—with a +3 bonus instead of the usual +2 without reducing the value of your attack.

Dragon Sleeps in Mist: When you succeed with style on a defense, you may reduce the result by 1 to gain 2 Armor Rating against the next attack in the scene that strikes you in addition to the normal boost.

Dragon Rules the Heavens: Use Chi instead of Athletics in rolls involving entering zones or preventing others from doing so. Apply a +2 bonus if both Athletics and the selected Skill are the same rank or Athletics is greater.

Flesh Breaks on Iron: When you defend against a Fight attack with style, you may inflict 2 shift hit instead of taking a boost on your attacker

Iron Cleaves the Stone: Ignore 2 points of Armor when making an attack to inflict physical stress.

Iron Body, Iron Mind: +2 bonus to create an advantages relating to resisting or coping with pain, intimidation, or fear.

Guarded (1 defense bonus against attempts to create an advantage based on detecting or exploiting personal weaknesses and vulnerabilities)
Teachings of General Teilong (
2 bonus to use Fight to create an advantage based on exploiting known weaknesses in opponent’s fighting style or tactics)

Refresh: 1


Teilong Fan

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