Lanying Mei

Always carries a sword, has never been seen to draw it.


Reluctant Heroine
“I Can’t Just Turn Away”
The Weight of the Past
Eye Catching
The Sword My Master Never Drew

Great (+4): Chi
Good (+3): Fight, Empathy
Fair (+2): Athletics, Will, Lore
Average (+1): Rapport, Resources, Stealth, Notice

Inner Fire: Use Chi (instead of Rapport or Provoke) to create an advantage based on presence or appearance.

Healing Hands, Healing Words: Once per session, you can reduce someone else’s consequence by one level of severity (severe to moderate, moderate to mild, mild to nothing at all) by succeeding on an Empathy (for mental consequences) or Chi (for physical consequences) roll with a difficulty of Fair (+2) for a mild consequence, Good (+3) for moderate, or Great (+4) for severe. You need to talk with the person you’re treating for at least half an hour in order for them to receive the benefits of this stunt, and you can’t use it on yourself. (Normally, this roll would only start the recovery process, instead of changing the consequence level.)

Angry Ghost Sword: Add 4 weapon value to attacks while you have a mental consequence.

Refresh: 1
Jianghu Rank: 1

Storm Phoenix Form
Ghost Tiger Form

Storm Shakes the Foundation: When creating an advantage, you may trade free invocations to remove free invocations from another character’s advantage.

Storm Rumbles in the Distance: Make a Fight or Athletics roll with a +2 bonus to create an advantage based on controlling or redirecting momentum. If you move at least 1 zone as part of this action, or your opponent has moved at least 1 zone as part of their last action, gain a +3 bonus instead.

Phoenix Calls to Heaven: Use Chi instead of Physique to determine bonus stress boxes and consequences.

Exalted Ghost Body: When using Full Defense, you do not use up an invocation to use Chi Armor if the attack against you still succeeds.


Adopted by the master of the Storm Phoenix school.

School was attacked by unknown (plot determined) group. Students scattered. Mei snuck back to try to help, only to see her master struck down. The surviving enemies departed to search for something, and Mei held her master’s hand as he died. His last words led her to where he had hidden the scrolls of the school’s techniques, as well as a small amount of coin (enough to set up a small dojo in the city).

Lanying Mei

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