Qiu Khoo

Creative, nimble, and easily stirred.


Great: Craft
Good: Notice, Fight
Fair: Physique, Athletics, Rapport
Average: Will, Lore, Chi, Empathy

Create, destroy, repeat
Unconventional problem solving
Gravity is my friend
Unfamiliar with all this madness!

Iron calls to heaven (Craft replaces physique when wearing my hand-crafted armor)
Forest style: Leaves like razors: Environmental based advantages grant me +2 weapon rating.
Always making useful things: Always have the appropriate tools to build things.
Sprinter: Move two zones for free instead of one.

Physical stress:
4 (when wearing custom armor) 3 (normally)
Mental Stress:


Qiu Khoo was familiar with two places: the workshop and the forest that surrounded it. When he was barely two, Qiu and his father, Xia, were captured. They were taken to a far off, foreign land. Once there, they were blindfolded and dragged into the forest. When the blindfolds were taken off, they saw endless trees that surrounded a lonely shack. Their captors broke Xia’s legs and kept them from healing correctly so he could not run away.

Xia was a master craftsman, and they forced him into servitude. He built weapons, armor, prototypes for new siege machines, and any device he could produce. He taught Qiu all he knew about crafting, metal working, and experimenting. As Qiu grew up, he aided his father and used his creativity to lead him down the path of one day becoming a master craftsman.

Unfortunately, everything was labeled in a foreign language. Minimal contact with guards that came by to check on their work or retrieve their latest projects meant no one could teach them what any of these words meant. While Xia was a master with metal, he had no idea what all these strange powders, gases, and liquids were or what they were even called. He and Qiu learned how to use them through experimentation. To determine what an object, chemical, or substance could be used for or what its effects will be, Qiu had to touch it, taste it, smell it, throw it, bounce it, examine it, listen to it, or some other seemingly random combination of tests.

Exploring the forest, they found a river not far from the workshop. They knew they could follow it downstream to a village, but when the guards found them missing, they would know exactly where to find them. And no matter what they planned, Xia could do little more than hobble quickly.

When Xia died unexpectedly, Qiu knew it was his time to escape. Without his father keeping him there, they would likely break his legs, or worse, to keep him from running away.

Hidden away, Qiu had built a glass balloon that floated. He attached the balloon to a large fabric pack and ran toward the river, purposefully not covering his tracks. Once at the river, he filled every sealable bottle he had with water. All the water weighed more than he could carry, but when he placed it in the pack, the floating-glass balloon took most of the weight. He ran a few hundred feet upstream. Once there, he got out of the stream and ran east, leading him directly away from the water.

The surplus of water turned out to be needed, for it took him two weeks of travel before he found a road that lead to civilization. Fortunately, his plan worked. He was never pursued, assuming they followed the tracks and were searching for him downstream, expecting him to die if he traveled through the forest.

In the village, Qiu was able to barter his floating-glass contraption for money, securing him passage to a place where he spoke the language.

After telling the authorities about those terrible men and what they did, they told him there was nothing they could do. However, one officer informed him about a man: detective Dishi. Dishi actively worked to stop people like the ones Qiu mentioned.

With that, he found Dishi and told him everything he could about the men that captured him and his father nineteen years ago. Dishi said he would do all he could to stop them and asked if Qiu wanted a part in their demise when he found them. Qiu declined, hoping he never had to see them or that land again.

To show his gratitude, Qiu offered to serve Dishi by using his talents to further his cause. His father knew some kung fu, which they practiced in the forest, but his true talents resided in his work with creating… even if he didn’t know what materials to ask for.

Qiu Khoo

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