Shen "Radiant Dragon" Wei

One part lightning, one part dragon, one part qi forensics investigator, all parts FACE PUNCHER.



  1. Knight. Errant.
  2. Cannot Abide Cruelty
  3. “I have thought it through! Briefly.”
  4. Forensic Telemetrist
  5. Son of Big Scar Wu
  6. Lightning Dragon Form


4: Fight
3: Athletics, Chi
2: Empathy, Investigate, Rapport
1: Contacts, Notice, Physique, Will

Refresh 3

Style: Lightning Dragon Form
Dragon Rules the Fields

  • When you succeed with style on an attack, gain a boost—with a +3 bonus instead of the usual +2—without reducing the value of your attack.

Dragon Rules the Heavens

  • Use Chi or Fight (selected when you take this Technique) instead of Athletics in rolls involving entering zones or preventing others from doing so. Apply a +2 bonus if both Athletics and the selected Skill are the same rank, or Athletics is greater.

Lightning Strikes Without Pause

  • Gain a +2 bonus to Notice (or other skill) used when determining turn order.


  • (Spent on Kung Fu)
  • (Spent on Kung Fu)
  • Forensic Telemetry (Use Chi in place of investigation when gathering information after the fact)

Shen "Radiant Dragon" Wei

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